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Narva Business Park is situated in the city of Narva-Jõesuu in the immediate vicinity of the city of Narva. The first stage of the Business Park covers an area of approximately 40 ha. The Business Park was established in order to fill a gap in today’s market in the domain of industrial and commercial land equipped with modern roads and technical utility networks, and of quality commercial premises.

« Trading area

The part of Narva Business Park located next to the Tallinn-Narva highway is intended for commercial establishments; in the first stage, the Business Park will gain car and motorcycle stores, as well as stores for building supplies, garden commodities, tools, fittings and furnishings, industrial accessories, car accessories, and electrical supplies. The second stage is planned to comprise a 24,000 m² Narva City shopping center.

« Tuuleveski street

Narva Business Park supplies industrial and commercial land for sale, and commercial property for rent (see “Sales information” below). There are two rental options:

  • Rent a space in commercial buildings erected by Narva Business Park. The first commercial building will be built on the premises at Rebase 13 / Rebase 15.
  • Rent a commercial building or a manufacturing plant built personally for the client.

Narva Airport »

Narva Business Park benefits from advantageous transport connections; the Park lies right next to the Tallinn-Narva highway, Narva Railway Station is approximately 2 km away, and the Port of Sillamäe approximately at 20 km. Narva Airport, capable of servicing 110-seat airliners and cargo aircraft, is planned to be built to the other side of the highway on the current location of a hobby airfield.

Narva Futura City Center »

Narva Business Park is a part of the more extensive Narva Futura project, the objective of which is to establish a quality residential and business environment in Narva’s urban area, with room enough for business, a new premium quality residential environment, and opportunities to develop buildings and civil engineering works of public function: the area is intended to include sections for small residential buildings, apartment buildings, industry and commerce, as well as the center of the future urban space.