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With support from PRIA and the Regional Competitiveness Improvement Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, MTÜ Virumaa Tööstuspark is constructing the Narva Business Park as the first commercial zone equipped with modern roads and technical utility networks in the region of Narva.

The first stage of Narva Business Park has been completed in September 2011.

The Narva Business Park is located in the city of Narva-Jõesuu, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Narva. The first stage of the business park is planned to cover an area of approximately 40 ha and is created in order to fill the gap in today’s market in the area of industrial and commercial land equipped with modern roads and technical utility networks.We have developed the following utility networks: water supply and waste water system, gas supply, street lighting, rainwater drainage and communication networks, and constructed roads, streets and light traffic roads. Power supply will be provided in accordance with the clients’ wishes. The area is connected with the city of Narva by a light traffic road; the city is 1 kilometre away. The business park will also be equipped with a broadband connection in order to ensure top-level communication services.Activities supported under the Regional Competitiveness Improvement Programme include the construction of roads and technical utility networks.The Narva Business Park is a part of the more extensive Narva Futura project, which covers an area of approximately 320 ha. The objective of Narva Futura is to develop an integral urban environment between Narva and Narva-Jõesuu: the plans for the area include zones of detached dwellings and apartment buildings, industrial and commercial zones and the future city centre. The area has been planned by the leading Estonian and Finnish urban architecture bureaux with the aim to provide an integral solution. The construction of roads and communications in the area has already started.The advantages of Narva Business Park are as follows:

  • existence of modern technical utility networks and the necessary energy resources;
  • presence of workforce with traditional industrial region experience: the population of Narva is more than 60,000;
  • good transport connections; the area is immediately adjacent to the Tallinn-Narva-St. Petersburg road, with the Narva railway station about 2 km away and Sillamäe Port about 20 km away;
  • existence of building rights: clients can start designing and then building right after the conclusion of a contract;
  • professional public services: Narva Business Park is located in the city of Narva-Jõesuu, which offers excellent public services.

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