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is a modern business district suitable for trade, service, logistics, and manufacturing companies as well as for residential buildings. All properties shown on the map are for sale, providing a versatile space for trade, manufacturing, and logistics companies. Some properties are sold together, which provides even more adaptability, and they are also marked as such on the map.

Upon clicking on a plot on the location plan, you can get information about its construction rights, purpose, and size. The percentage of construction right of the plot is up to 60% from the area of the plot.

Buildings of up to three stories are allowed in commercial and industrial areas, with a maximum height of 15 m from the ground. Building rights can be combined in the case of the purchase of several properties.

The properties are fully equipped with essential utilities, including water supply, wastewater sewerage, rainwater sewerage, gas supply, and communication sewerage. An electrical network has also been built for your convenience All properties are easily accessible via new asphalted roads, with installed street lighting.

The price of industrial and commercial real estate is 22 euros per square meter, except for:

  • Rebase 11, the price of which is 17.1 euros per m².
  • 62,025 m² of real estate in Rebase Street, the price of which is 30 euros per m².
  • residential properties, the price of which is 20.6 euros per m².

All prices include a connection to the gas supply, water and sewage disposal service, and electricity. All prices include VAT.


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Aerial views

Aerial views of the Narva Business Park. Photographer: Sven Zacek